Angelove Estate


Inspired by our love of spirits, we sought to create a craft distillery, where the focus of flavors and aroma dominate our product offerings. We have two 250-liter copper stills, which were fabricated for us by Ka Temelkov in Plovdiv. The stills are outfitted with a double boiler/water bath system, to control the temperature and quality.

Our focus on details is what sets us apart from other distilleries. Our fruit is handpicked and sorted to ensure only the best and sweetest fruits make it into our mash. We ferment in stainless steel vats using the highest quality yeast and temperature controlled fermentation preserve the delicate cherry aroma.

 Angelove Estate was born in a spirit of all we hold dear: family, respect for the land, finest ingredients, and sharing experiences with others. We aim to control each aspect of the Rakia production process to ensure the highest quality spirit, using hand-picked local cherries from specially selected producers, as well as our own cherries direct from our orchard to your glass.

Our cherry rakia is like nothing else on the market. All of our cherries come from local Kyustendil producers. Eventually, we will use fruit from our own organic cherry orchard, but in the meantime, we work with quality producers and inspect each orchard ourselves before harvesting any fruit. After the orchard, we hand-select all of the cherries to ensure that only the freshest and sweetest fruits are included in the fermentation. Not one cherry used for our rakia is not specifically selected… after the fruits are sorted, they are mashed and the stones are removed, to be used for cold-pressed cherry seed oil for our Castile soap.

The fruit must/mash is then fermented in stainless steel vats in our temperature-controlled fermentation room to ensure that the delicate volatile aromas are preserved and present in the final product.

When fruit mash is allowed to get too hot, above 26C, you risk the delicate aromas being cast off in the CO2 and the atmosphere, which is why the temperature during fermentation is so important to us.

Once fermentation is complete, we use a hybrid still and make very deliberate cuts to ensure that our cherry rakia is not only aromatic but luxurious on the palette.

In the future, we will focus on local Kyustendil varieties, such as the Razhdavichka Belvitza and the Peresta Belvitza, which are listed on Slow Food’s Ark of Taste for their cultural and culinary significance in the region.

Our agricultural philosophy is one that is close to nature. We use no chemicals or commercial interventions of any kind. Our commitment is to improve soil health through cultivation and ecosystem, along with our own compost and natural remedies.

Cherry orchards