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Our Story

Together in life and business ventures

Together for 20 years, Casey and Angel are a husband and wife team that partners in all aspects of Angelove Estate. Their individual strengths complement each other well. Casey is creative and passionate, while Angel is logical and pragmatic.

Casey Angelova is a native New Yorker living in Bulgaria since 2006. Her relocation to Kyustendil helped her to discover her love of food, wine, spirits and agriculture through her website: Eating, Gardening and Living, which she started in 2008. This new adventure led her to attend the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park in 2011. The gastronomic journey in New York was the inspiration to try truffle farming, craft distilling and soap making in Bulgaria.

Angel Angelov is originally from Kyustendil. He became a hobby farmer in 2008, when he purchased a hectare of cherry orchard in Konyavo. In 2014, he decided to try making Rakia from cherries rather than selling them. The results were good for a novice and this sparked the idea to start a distillery and perfect the art of cherry Rakia.

Eating, Gardening & Living The next chapter.